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We offer video conferencing via Skype to users who wish to speak with us regarding technical issues and general MIDI problems. Our customer service team is here to solve your problems for you.

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How long have you been involved in customer service? Over 10 years
Favourite bands: ELO, Led Zeppelin, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Favourite albums: Architecture & Morality (OMD), Led Zeppelin IV, White Album (Beatles)
Favourite genres to listen to: Synthpop, New Wave, EDM
Hobbies: I have two children (Isaac and Riley) so I don't get too much time to enjoy many hobbies. I am employed by my sons as a story reader and I get paid in hugs. Aside from that, my main hobby is trying to avoid my wife's cooking. I also dabble in programming and enjoy watching cricket and soccer.
If you could perform with one artist live on stage, who would it be? Jon Bon Jovi
Create a legendary 5-piece band: Lead Vocal: Jeff Lynne, Guitar: Jimi Hendrix, Bass: Lemmy, Keyboard: Elton John, Drums: Dave Grohl

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Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Serbian
How long have you been transcribing MIDI? 5 years
Favourite bands: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater
Favourite albums: Animals (Pink Floyd), Rodriguiez (Silvio Rodriguez), Uprising (Bob Marley)
Favourite genres to transcribe: Rock, Blues, Reggae
Hobbies: Music and 9gag
If you could perform with one artist live on stage, who would it be? David Gilmour
Create a legendary 5-piece band: Lead Vocal: Freddie Mercury, Guitar: Stevie Vai, Bass: Billy Sheehan, Keyboard: Rick Wakeman, Drums: Mark Portnoy

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Qualifications and experience: Hello, My name is Jon. I'm a musical producer, arranger, composer and a multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience, writing and creating music in a lot of genres. I studied musical theory in the Symphonic Orchestra of Punto Fijo for 3 years, I learned how to play guitar, piano, drums, bass and to re-create more instruments with VST's and samples. I have the ability to create and compose original music, arrange songs that have been created and make an exact copy of any song as a backing track. I've worked as a studio musician and as a musical producer for over 3 years, with 4 musical productions done and over 30 songs recorded as a musician (guitarist/keyboardist).
How long have you been transcribing MIDI? I've been working with MIDI for 10 years with more than 500 songs done.
Favourite bands: Snarky Puppy, The World Alive, Animals As Leaders
Favourite albums: Animals As Leaders - The Madness Of Many, Intervals - The Way Forward, Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here
Favourite genres to transcribe: Jazz, Metalcore, Indie, Pop
Hobbies: I like video games, reading books, traveling, collecting souvenirs and composing new music
If you could perform with one artist live on stage, who would it be? Michael League
Create a legendary 5-piece band: Lead Singer: Al Jarreau, Guitar: Frank Gambale, Bass: Victor Woote, Drums: Matt Garstka, Keyboards: Michel Camilo

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Language spoken: Serbian, Russian, English
Qualifications and experience: Nikola has worked as a musical educator and a music redactor at several media establishments. He has 20 years of experience working in music studios as an arranger, musician and producer. Nikola also plays in cover bands spanning various styles and genres. He plays the clarinet, guitar, drums and keyboards.
How long have you been transcribing MIDI? 10 years
Favourite bands: Fates Warning, Savatage, Leatherwolf
Favourite albums: Dream Theater – Images And Words, Crimson Glory - Transcendence, Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys (Part 1)
Favourite genres to transcribe: Heavy Metal, Classical, Hard Rock
Hobbies: Basketball, Passionate book reader, Record collection
If you could perform with one artist live on stage, who would it be? David Bowie
Create a legendary 5-piece band: A combination of members from Iron Maiden and Deep Purple (heroes of his childhood)

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Languages spoken: Greek, English, Japanese, Spanish
Musical qualifications and experience: National Music School of Xanthi | 6 years of classical piano and music theory, House of Sound | Recording and mixing engineering course
How long have you been transcribing MIDI? 6 years
Favourite bands: Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, 東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen)
Favourite albums: Akroasis (Obscura), Ritual (The Black Dahlia Murder), Adult (東京事変)
Favourite genres to transcribe: Death Metal, Japanese 80's Pop, Game Soundtracks
Hobbies: Computer Graphics, Mountain Biking, Programming
If you could perform with one artist live on stage, who would it be? 椎名林檎 (Sheena Ringo)
Create a legendary 5-piece band: Randy Blythe (Vocals), Ryan Knight (Guitar), Linus Klausenitzer (Bass), George Kollias (Drums), Michael Pinnella (Keyboards)

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Biography coming soon...

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