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Welcome to our Client Testimonials page! At Supreme MIDI, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional MIDI products and services that inspire creativity and enhance musical experiences. Our commitment to quality and innovation has helped countless musicians, from budding artists to seasoned professionals, in achieving their musical aspirations.

Here, you will find a collection of heartfelt stories and experiences shared by our valued clients. Each testimonial is a reflection of the passion and dedication we put into every product and interaction. 

We thank our clients for their trust and support and look forward to continuing our journey for musicians around the globe.

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Words by Bobby Emmons 5 Stars
Facebook: Bobby & Doreen’s Jukebox Dreams

Hi, my name is Bobby Emmons. I have been an extremely satisfied client of Supreme MIDI for the past 7 years. I’ve lost count, but I know that you have produced over 100 custom midi files for me. They are always meticulously crafted masterpieces. So often, I am amazed by the detail of the songs that you produce for me. And the several times that I have sent you a basic song structure for an original tune, you have returned an unbelievably great completed song. You guys are the best!!!

My musical career literally started on February 9, 1964, after watching the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. Soon after that show, at the age of 8, I started writing my own songs. In 1966, at the age of 10, I received my first real guitar after previously making one out of a cigar box and rubber bands!

I started my first band at age 11 in 1967. After becoming a Christian in 1975 at age 19, I formed the band, The Last Generation, which later became The Crosstones. This was at the height of the 70s “Jesus Revolution”. My band signed a recording contract with Larry Norman and Solid Rock Records in Hollywood, California in 1978 and released our first album in 1979. The lead cut from the album, “Malt Shop In The Sky”, was heard around the world and was featured in the movie, “View From The Stoop”. The band performed together for over 40 years, releasing many 45’s, Albums, cassettes and CD’s.

In addition to performing in The Crosstones, I worked in radio for 19 years, sharing the microphone “on stage” and “over the airwaves” with Frankie Valli, B.J. Thomas, Eddy Arnold, Mick Taylor (from The Rolling Stones), The Monkees, Edgar & Johnny Winter, Tommy James and The Beach Boys to name a few. I also worked on the PBS Oldies Specials, and I’ve performed as bandleader, guitarist and vocalist with Brian Hyland (Sealed With A Kiss), Tommy Roe (Sheila, Dizzy), Johnny Tillotson (Poetry In Motion), The Teddy Bears (To Know Him Is To Love Him) and many others.

In 2023, my wife, Doreen and I had 277 gigs in Southwest Florida and New Jersey. We have been fortunate to be able to count on Supreme MIDI when we need a song in a pinch for a special event. You guys always come through and I truly appreciate it. Thanks for all of your hard work and great tunes!!!

Words by James (Dadamo) 5 Stars

I'm primarily a singer. Although I like to think of myself as an "ace programmer,"  I'm a singer.

That's where Supreme Midi comes in. Often, the tracks that I work on with SM are used as practice pieces for my work with my 6-piece rock band 4Dice. It's great to have a backing track that can then be manipulated by me, the "ace programmer."  It's this "ace" work that inspired me to want to start doing more original music as well as develop a solo set of originals, classic synth-pop and rock songs done in that style.

And it's going aces! My first solo gig is coming up, and I'm happy to report that EVERY track is based on Supreme's amazing custom work. Keep in mind this is no Karaoke thing - it's great backing tracks from Supreme + Me - live guitar, keys and vocals... and it sounds awesome.

Mark and the Supreme team have been nothing short of exceptional when it comes to service. Often I'll get a crazy idea, email Mark while he is sleeping (I'm in NYC) and boom... days later... It's XMAS in my inbox.

The team is patient and always rises to the challenge of the annoying notes I add to my order - make this part longer -- hang on the A here -- can I get this by Monday -- and Mark is the captain of the football team that scores goals EVERY time.  Happy to say that he has not only been a great partner but has become a good mate of mine.

From Springsteen, to Kraftwerk, to YMO to help on a project I'm doing with Robert Fripp - not to mention even creating custom work based on old cassette tapes of my originals, Mark and the team are THE REAL DEAL.

Proud to be a part of the Supreme Fam, and hope to meet you all in real life soon for that pint!

Aces Up!

Words by Femi 5 Stars

Hello my name is Femi, and I am a video game remixer. I just want to say thank you for the time and patience for creating these midis They're very well made and professional. The style of songs I order from Supreme MIDI are video game related soundtracks, centered around the greatest tracks of all time, such as the Megaman series, Final Fantasy, Dragonball Z, etc. I cover a lot of SNES remixes style music using Supreme MIDI files.

Words by Joseph 5 Stars

I'm a chiptune musician that has been making covers of video game soundtracks for almost 20 years now. Transposing music by ear is one of the hardest things to do (I know first hand), so having a service available like Supreme's Custom Work section is a real godsend, especially with their very affordable pricing.

Trust me, I have looked around all over the internet, you will NOT find a better price than this place, and the quality of the MIDIs is also top-notch.

My YouTube channel has grown to new heights thanks to the resources I've managed to get from this site, and it has inspired me to cover songs I didn't even think were possible. It has brought a lot of joy to both myself and the niche follower base I have on YT.

Last but no least, Mark from the customer support team is one of the most helpful people and has always made the process pleasant and easy.

Words by pandabot 5 Stars

I am a software engineer who creates open source composition tools for the Renoise and Reaper DAWs, exploring different ways to make digital music sound more natural. I order an eclectic mix of music and rate the service 10/10.

Words by Abdulhameed 5 Stars

Having immersed myself in the diverse realms of music production across genres, collaborating with Supreme Network was truly a pleasure. Their exceptional musicians not only showcased unmatched professionalism but also poured passion into every detail of the project. Their efficiency and timely delivery added a unique rhythm to our collaboration, turning it into an emotionally charged and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Without a doubt, Supreme Network stands as the epitome of musical excellence, making them the top choice for anyone seeking a heartfelt connection through their craft.

Words by Guy Tullett (Pet Shop Boys Tribute) 5 Stars

As one half of the tribute act Pet Shop Boys (The singer), it's always hard to find a good instrumental or to even make a medley based on Pet Shop Boys' performance. Thankfully, Mark and the team always deliver exceptional service and top quality midi files for us to be able to perform new and old renditions of famous Pet Shop Boys songs. We believe this has contributed to helping us stand out from other PSB tribute acts, so we thank you Supreme MIDI for being able to help us. All of their MIDI's have been used in our performances!

Words by "Skynyrd Fraefolgwyn" 5 Stars

Hi, I'm Skynyrd Fraefolgwyn. My music is somewhat niche: I'm the leader of a virtual band in a large and popular MMORPG video game, performing song covers at user-created music venues throughout the game world. The game has a fairly large music community, or "bards" as we are known. We use specially-prepared MIDI files to drive and control our band members.

I've found Supreme MIDI to be the best source for MIDI versions of current music, which have become an integral part of my performances. I've also ordered a number of custom works and have always been happy with the results, always well-made and high quality. I greatly appreciate the excellent work by Supreme MIDI and never hesitate to recommend it to my fellow bards.

If you'd like us to work on a custom file for you, feel free to contact us here