Custom Work - Special Requests

We can create custom-works, big or small and we stand by our high standards. 

Our service will include:
  • Fully-transcribed productions featuring every instrument of the original recording
  • Melody / vocal lines included
  • We will send an extra .KAR version of the track if requested (where applicable)
  • Custom additions - we will work with you to produce the track you want
  • *MP3 audio file of the track converted using our custom soundfont, backing track quality
*available as an extra service

Our general price list: 

This is meant as a guide price and not a matter of fact. We will assess each request based on duration and technicality:
  • Tracks under 4 minutes in length (£25)
  • Tracks under 8 minutes in length (£30)
  • Two tracks under 4 minutes (£45)
  • Two tracks under 8 minutes (£55)
Multiple tracks will be available at a bespoke rate. 
Backing tracks are also available, please contact our team below for more information. 

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