Custom Work - Special Requests

We can create custom-works, big or small and we stand by our high standards. 

Our service will include:
  • Fully-transcribed productions featuring every instrument of the original recording
  • Melody / vocal lines included
  • We will send an extra .KAR version of the track if requested (where applicable)
  • Custom additions - we will work with you to produce the track you want
  • *MP3 audio file of the track converted using our custom soundfont, backing track quality
*available as an extra service

Our general price list: 

This is meant as a guide price and not a matter of fact. We will assess each request based on duration and technicality:
  • Tracks under 4 minutes in length (£25)
  • Tracks under 8 minutes in length (£30)
  • Two tracks under 4 minutes (£45)
  • Two tracks under 8 minutes (£55)
Multiple tracks will be available at a bespoke rate. 
Backing tracks are also available, please contact our team below for more information.
Click here to view a list of songs we have worked on for our clients: Download


Mark Hill / Deborah Gold YouTube: Deborah Gold

Supreme MIDI have created over 20 custom tracks for me in recent years. Their support specialists are easy to work with, their pricing is excellent and the final product is delivered in a timely fashion. I'm a vocalist, guitar and harmonica player, performing 120+ shows a year at venues in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia. I use custom MIDI tracks (from Supreme MIDI) to differentiate my shows from others. My audiences are blown away when I perform a classic song that everyone knows, but has never been produced in MIDI format. The tracks are produced in such a way that allows for those with MIDI programming capability to easily further edit them for customized versions. For example, I can quickly add a 12 bar solo when performing with a lead guitar player or shorten them up to be tighter if necessary. This is not always the case with other services whose tracks are programmed in such a way that editing the code results in various issues that require time-consuming fixes.
Goran Eriksson Member of the cover band "Black Scorpions
Compared to other midi sites I have ordered from, Supreme MIDI is the fastest to create and deliver the midi songs. I have tried some before and it could take 3 to 4 weeks before you get the midis and you guys create and deliver the midis with high quality in 4 to 7 days. I guess I must have ordered 10 or 12 midi songs this summer from you and they all are of the highest quality... and I guess you also must be the cheapest midi site on the web...
I requested the Supreme guys to sequence a foreign song based on just the audio as I'm certain no sheet music exists. They delivered the MIDI within a week of such amazing quality, it would have made the original composer proud. I'm blown away by the level of attention that went into things like subtle tempo changes and very hard chord progressions. I'm tempted to keep their service secret but they deserve my recommendation.

I have had MIDI production work done before but I have never been more impressed than I am with your company. Every little detail and nuance of the songs are present in your MIDI files. I used my first Supreme MIDI Custom files at a performance yesterday! They sounded great! I look forward to sending many projects your way. Thanks so much!

You guys have been wonderful to work with! Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of us!

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