K-Pop & Asian MIDI files - A collection of our best K-Pop & Asian songs

Welcome to our extraordinary and diverse collection of K-Pop MIDI files! K-Pop, short for Korean Pop, is a genre that originates from South Korea and has swept the world with its catchy tunes, visually stunning music videos, and exceptional talent.

In this collection, you will find a broad spectrum of MIDI renditions of popular K-Pop tracks. From the energetic beats of BTS and the harmonious melodies of BLACKPINK to the retro vibes of TWICE and the lyrical beauty of IU, we've got all your favorites covered.

Our K-Pop MIDI file collection offers an incredible opportunity to dive deeper into the complex and fascinating world of K-Pop music production. Here, you can discover the intricate details of these songs, deconstruct them, and potentially create your own K-Pop inspired music. Start your exploration now and enjoy the thrilling world of K-Pop in MIDI format!

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