Eurovision 2024

Strap in for a sonic adventure that's as unpredictable as the Eurovision 2024 voting system, but with a lot more control: our Eurovision 2024 MIDI Collection! 

This collection isn't just an auditory feast; it's a comedic homage to the spectacle that is Eurovision, crafted for those who appreciate the fine art of music and the even finer art of not taking it too seriously. From ballads that could make a grown man cry (if that man was particularly moved by digital music) to pop anthems so catchy they stick in your brain like that one glitter you find behind your ear three days later, our Eurovision 2024 MIDI Collection delivers it all. So, prepare for a nostalgic nod to simpler times, when all it took to enjoy music was a MIDI file and a dream, and join us as we MIDI-fy the magic of Eurovision 2024.

As before, all 37 songs from the semi-finals and final will be added to our website for our subscribers to download. Check below for the songs we've already added. Click on the song cover to listen to a sample. Keep this page bookmarked for more updates.

If you don't see the song that means the most to you, we can make it for you.