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Contact Us and Customer Service

Please consider reading the following FAQs before submitting a ticket to us.

  •  I've forgotten my login details
  • A: Click on the "Members" link at the top of the page, or go here, then click on one of the "forgot your username/password" links below the login button. In some cases, reset emails may be sent to the junk folder.
  • I've paid for a subscription but I can't download any files
  • A: First of all, please make sure you are logged in. Secondly, our files will download directly in MIDI format so your browser should be set-up to download such files instead of opening them. Try re-installing or upgrading QuickTime. 

  • Mac issues and QuickTime
  • A: For some unknown reason, Apple have stopped supporting MIDI files in their native player for the last couple of years. This may lead to some of our Mac users experiencing a "missing plug-in" error whenever they attempt to download from us. A sure-fire way to resolve this is to reinstall QuickTime 7 as MIDI files are still supported in this version. Alternatively, selecting a default media player for .MID files other than QuickTime should also fix this. Note: Simply using Google Chrome to browse our site should alleviate this issue.
  • Tracks seem to be streaming but not downloading. What's going on?
  • A: This occurs when the default player on your system (usually Windows Media Player) is set-up to automatically open MIDI files without prompting an action from you. To resolve this, right-click on an existing MIDI file on your system, select "Open with..." (or "Get Info" on a Mac) and then choose an alternative player. We recommend VanBasco player (for Windows users) to play our files.
  • MIDI files are opening as merged tracks. How can I split them into individual tracks?
  • A: We recommend using Günter Nagler's fantastic freeware tool which converts MIDI file's from 1 to 0. You can find it by searching for "GN MIDI" in your favorite search engine.
  • I've signed up and I'm logged in. Why can't I download any midi files?
  • Please check you're signed up to the correct plan. Our midi plans are available right here.

Note: For security reasons, our system will block users who have had a failed subscription attempt. If you would like us to unblock your email so you can try again, please get into contact with us. 

Do you need more help or just have a general enquiry? Please complete the following form and our friendly support team will reply within 24 hours:


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