We want to take the time to wish all of our subscribers and clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Between Friday 24 of December - Monday 3 of January, we'll be taking a break from our regular processing schedule. Our regular clients will realise this is our first break of the year and one which is becoming the norm around the holiday season. This allows us to recharge our batteries for the year ahead and spend some much needed time with our families.

Please note, we'll still be keeping a crew on during this time to work on custom orders. You're still free to contact us if you require a custom song.

This week will be our last week of processing with the current site design. When we start again in January, we'll have a sleeker, faster website and design. We've been working on upgrading our entire structure for a few months now. We're not just upgrading our look, we'll also be upgrading the foundation of the site. We'll be going live with this design between December 24 - December 28. During this time, you may receive a notice that the site is down for maintenance. This is nothing to worry about and normal while we do the necessary work behind the scenes. 

We've had lots of changes in staffing this year, too. We've welcomed many new and talented musicians onto our team from far and wide. We're proud to be a cultured and multi-national workforce!

Cheers 2021, you've been a challenge Laughing

- Mark

Don't see the song you want? We can make it, click here to speak to our custom work team.