To our subscribers and clients 

From May 3rd, 2021 we'll be increasing our production from 40 to 50 MIDI files per week. This means we'll slot an extra processing day into our schedule. From May 03, 2021, our processing days will be: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with 10 files uploaded on each of these days.

Q: Will this increase our prices? A: No. Well, for the month of May we guarantee that our pricing will remain the same. All of our existing subscribers will now be getting greater value for money. In the future however, we may raise our prices to account for the increase in our production schedule. However, for the next month we'll be running a special discount to give you the chance to follow our lead and level-up your subscription. We haven't raised our prices for almost 5 years and we're proud of this fact.

Q: What kind of genres will you cover? A: On our processing days, we'll look to add the latest pop and r&b, latin, k-pop, hip-hop, country, rock, dance music, and some classics. We've got all of the mainstream genres covered.

Q: What happens if I'm not a subscriber anymore? A: Well, now is the time to do some leveling up of your own with one of our Lifetime memberships. To celebrate this increase in production, we're offering 10% off a Lifetime pass. Click here to view our current offers!

- Your Supreme MIDI team

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